Definition of fungus garden in English:

fungus garden


  • A growth of fungus cultivated by certain ants or termites as a source of food.

    • ‘There are about 200 leaf cutting ant species and they all depend upon fungus gardens for their food.’
    • ‘Large leafcutter or fungus ants cut and carry leaves from an assortment of plants to nests where they keep fungus gardens, which eventually become their food.’
    • ‘Termites tend fungus gardens, leaf cutter ants make underground compost heaps and many species of other ants tend and protect aphids for their honeydew.’
    • ‘These spheres, packed with fungal spores, are the most prominent feature of the fungus gardens.’
    • ‘Intricate reticulated patterns appear in the passageways of the fungus gardens of African termite colonies, and in the crisscrossing trails of foraging army ants.’
    • ‘New World tropical leafcutter ants create colossal underground metropolises, each housing several million workers that tend huge fungus gardens.’