Definition of fungo in English:



  • 1A fly ball hit for practice.

    • ‘My father loved to hit fungo flies to kids.’
    • ‘What if instead of the traditional coach hitting fungos to the outfield a new device is created that helps a fielder increase the area they cover in the field?’
    • ‘It was partly because Jones took a half an hour of extra work in the morning, chasing fungo fly balls hit to the wall by outfield coach Mike Goff.’
    • ‘If that is working on your hitting, than Pedroia taking fungoes before the game is working on your fielding.’
    • ‘A writer in Scientific American in 1915 advised players not to hit fungo flies during pregame practice because it would lead to hitting flies during the game.’
    • ‘When it was my turn to hit fungoes, I managed to injure myself and I still am not sure how.’
    • ‘During practice the team took a plethora of fungoes and got plenty of hacks, which prepared them for their three scrimmages.’
    • ‘Batters standing in regular baseball playing field batters’ boxes put baseballs in play by hitting fungoes, preferably using fungo style bats.’
    • ‘Usually 2 outfielders will take fungo fly balls while the others play the batted balls.’
    1. 1.1 A long lightweight bat for hitting practice balls to fielders.
      • ‘All fungo bats are available in any color and style.’
      • ‘Our infield and outfield fungoes are turned from solid, high quality, northern white ash.’
      • ‘We have everything from the fungo bats you need to work with the fielders to the short bats for one hand drills and an durable maple bat for BP.’
      • ‘Available in four colors, our fungo bat is specifically designed to hit a tossed ball for practice and pre-game drills.’


Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.