Definition of fungiform in English:



  • Having the shape of or resembling a fungus or mushroom.

    • ‘In crosssection, the caps are the upper, thickened portion of fungiform structures arising from convolution of exocuticle.’
    • ‘In addition to the vallate and fungiform papillae of the tongue, taste buds are found in the soft palate, oropharynx, and epiglottis.’
    • ‘In species characterized by larger adults, but which also possess fungiform structures and a pebbled surface, there is often an additional morphological feature that would serve to anchor the animal.’
    • ‘This paper reports the presence of bacteria on the surface of filiform and fungiform papillae of rats using scanning electron microscopy.’
    • ‘Lamellae within the inner exocuticle are tangential to the cuticular surface but become undulose beneath each fungiform structure, creating a surface of small, equally-spaced domes in dorsal view.’