Definition of funfair in English:



  • A fair consisting of rides, sideshows, and other amusements.

    ‘a travelling funfair set up every year’
    as modifier ‘a funfair ride’
    • ‘A huge funfair and children's fairground will also be set up in the centre to turn Bradford into a vibrant shopping experience.’
    • ‘A travelling funfair in the rain before it opens is one of the most dreary looking things in the world.’
    • ‘There is also going to be a huge family festival, with funfairs and family entertainment.’
    • ‘A Ferris wheel pokes above the palm trees in the affluent district of Zaitoona; at neighbourhood funfairs, parents usher their children on to the rides, slides and merry-go-rounds.’
    • ‘An international funfair will bring the biggest rides to the streets the city has ever seen.’
    • ‘Fenagh Rally is not just about steam engines and vintage machines there will also be a dog show, baby show and a funfair with loads of side shows.’
    • ‘The regulations, he said, would place a duty of care on organisers of funfairs and owners of fairground equipment.’
    • ‘At present, the sands with their donkey rides, funfairs, bouncy castles and little shops selling souvenirs, postcards, buckets and spades and refreshments are dearly loved by older holiday makers and many family visitors.’
    • ‘They received prizes of either free rides on a funfair, donated by Stanley John Cubbins, or goodie bags donated by businesses in Farnworth.’
    • ‘There were performances from community groups, a food arena, arts and crafts stalls and funfair rides.’
    • ‘More than 20 charities had planned to set up stalls along the road and had organised sponsored walks, a fun run, balloon rides, a funfair and a vintage car rally.’
    • ‘When the parade reached Springhill High School, a funfair was waiting.’
    • ‘There will also be a funfair, sideshows, stalls and refreshments.’
    • ‘The event included a recreation of an American Civil War battle, a funfair, dog show, and fête stalls.’
    • ‘A procession along the high street to the Weir Field traditionally kicks off the festivities before a funfair in the afternoon.’
    • ‘Gravity-defying motor cyclists riding the ‘wall of death’ at funfairs fascinated the masses, as well as poets and people from high society who developed a great liking for these ‘vulgar’ forms of motorised popular culture.’
    • ‘Like children at a funfair, we are dared to continue to ride.’
    • ‘Sale targets have already been set and if the company raises £3,000 they will spend it on a funfair for the whole school.’
    • ‘Mrs Letchford, as a very young girl at a funfair, wanted to go on a ride which had a small yellow aeroplane but unfortunately as she had spent her pocket money her wish was not granted.’
    • ‘They went windsurfing or on donkey rides, or spent their pocket money at funfairs.’
    gala, gala day, garden party, bazaar, fair, feast, festival, fiesta, jubilee, pageant, carnival
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