Definition of funereally in English:



  • See funereal

    • ‘At the moment, classical concerts are often polarised either into high-minded affairs for existing aficionados, or ‘accessible’ drivel where the musicians and audience alike are funereally bored.’
    • ‘Typical are the album's three separate versions of Robert's title composition, a funereally paced piece that perfectly sets the tone; melancholy and brooding yet strangely optimistic.’
    • ‘He announced funereally in November 1989, the same month the Berlin Wall crumbled: ‘The future looks dismal for the trenchcoat set.’’
    • ‘The two duets with Vedder are the strongest of too many funereally morose dirges that bind the album.’
    • ‘Black-car motorcades cruise funereally through deserted streets, bringing presidents and prime ministers to the Congress Center, where the VIPs are meeting, or the Hilton Hotel.’