Definition of fundamentally in English:



  • 1[often as submodifier] In central or primary respects:

    ‘two fundamentally different concepts of democracy’
    • ‘It was very quite last season and there is nothing to suggest it will be fundamentally different this year.’
    • ‘In doing so it is not the Government's intention to alter fundamentally the scope or operation of the law.’
    • ‘Such a model of theological discourse is fundamentally pluralistic.’
    • ‘You are right about how the changing technology fundamentally alters the way we approach media and content.’
    • ‘We assume everyone is fundamentally alike; we believe circumstances, not culture, drive people's decisions, including decisions about sex and disease.’
    • ‘The indirectly standardised indices currently used are fundamentally flawed in this respect.’
    • ‘I know that it is a fundamentally different philosophy to that espoused by Labour.’
    • ‘Genetic engineering has given us the power fundamentally to alter the biological bases of identity.’
    • ‘Although many ideas in this work were taken over from Descartes, in one respect he fundamentally disagreed with him.’
    • ‘Policing research has altered fundamentally during its forty-year history.’
    • ‘Federal court, not fundamentally flawed military commissions, is where Hicks belongs.’
    • ‘Policy making and managing organisations are generally viewed as fundamentally different.’
    • ‘While I've praised the improvements that Assembly and Senate committees made last week, the bill is still fundamentally flawed in several ways.’
    • ‘The media scene is fundamentally different from what it was ten years ago.’
    • ‘Although both versions share similarities, they are fundamentally different.’
    • ‘The two shows were created in fundamentally different circumstances.’
    • ‘Because of their fundamentally different shareholder base, sentiment is not reflected so quickly.’
    • ‘We tweaked and changed it in rehearsal but we didn't alter it fundamentally.’
    • ‘Do you think the $100 laptop is a good idea for developing countries or fundamentally flawed?’
    • ‘This shift has fundamentally altered both the form and the place of the house in the country house mystery.’
    essentially, in essence, basically, at heart, at bottom, deep down, principally, predominantly, above all, first of all, most of all, first and foremost, on the whole, by and large, substantially
    basically, elementally, radically
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    1. 1.1[sentence adverb] Used to make an emphatic statement about the basic truth of something:
      ‘fundamentally, this is a matter for doctors’
      • ‘It is impossible to improve on the statement that, fundamentally, there is only one love.’
      • ‘It does affect you, though fundamentally, I'm not different from the way I was a year or 10 years ago.’
      • ‘For me, fundamentally, I suppose, diversity is about where is truth, where is reality.’
      • ‘More fundamentally, it may offend the basic principle that the only point of such a plea is to justify a defamatory meaning.’