Definition of functionally in English:



  • 1In a way that relates to the purpose or use of something.

    ‘the parish clergy was socially and functionally differentiated’
    ‘disk and tape are functionally equivalent as storage devices’
    • ‘Furthermore, the elements of the project are functionally inseparable, one from another.’
    • ‘In this way the silicone foam is created, and for this reason, 'foam' and 'fluid layer' are functionally interrelated.’
    • ‘These university buildings are composed of simple, native, blue stone forms, and limestone belt courses organize functionally positioned white-framed windows.’
    • ‘This remodeling probably underpins functionally useful retraining techniques after brain injury.’
    • ‘If you can find a refurbished notebook that has the features you're looking for, you'd be foolish to pay full price, and the products are functionally identical.’
    • ‘The cerebellum is functionally linked with the prefrontal cortex.’
    • ‘Neither is equivalent to protein activation, which is the functionally activated form of the receptor.’
    • ‘In the modern world, in contrast to pre-industrial society, the nation state is functionally necessary.’
    • ‘The truth is, neither sewers nor computer chips in composting toilets are functionally or environmentally sustainable.’
    • ‘Try engineered framing lumber, an exceptionally intelligent use of quick-growth lumber engineered with glues that are functionally fireproof and have zero emissions.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that relates to how something works or operates.
      ‘task forces evaluated all aspects of the department both structurally and functionally’
      • ‘Functionally, they brought together land, commerce, and industry.’
      • ‘Functionally, we find a growing gap between two words that once seemed parts of a single phrase: "political" and "economy."’
      • ‘The formation of heterodimers could be identified functionally via electrophysiological measurement.’
      • ‘Functionally, these programs work just like AAA.’
      • ‘Functionally considered, cataracts are complete when the patient cannot distinguish fingers with his back turned to the light.’
      • ‘One hopes this will drive a stake through the heart of tired scholarly debates about whether one should define religion "functionally" or "substantively."’
      • ‘Transcription factors altered structurally and functionally have been associated with many human neoplasms.’
      • ‘One of my chief hopes for this school is that it may be a place where truthfulness and grace continue to be linked, and we do not attempt to live purely functionally.’
      • ‘It applied, originally, to given types of instruments, which were functionally defined in the section itself.’
      • ‘Functionally, the term includes a number of different technologies ranging from short range to wide area.’
  • 2In a way that is practical and useful, rather than attractive.

    ‘a functionally designed two-bedroom apartment’
    • ‘Studios were sparsely and functionally furnished, but contained unfinished or unsold works.’
    • ‘They may be the most functionally useless clothing items ever devised by humankind.’
    • ‘My mission is to deliver functionally built cabinetry and furniture.’
    • ‘Our 54 rooms, functionally equipped with all the comforts of a city hotel, have a view to the sea.’
    • ‘Buildings could be functionally constructed to provide the necessary space and sun exposure to make such a proposal a reality.’
    • ‘When you walk into a finished facility as functionally efficient as this, it's easy to forget all that goes into creating an 18,000-square-foot technical complex.’
    • ‘It seeks to stand completely independent of subjective pointedness but remains functionally precise.’
    • ‘The house was based on a mass divided into a single, open, functionally designed space.’
    • ‘The room was large and functionally laid out.’
    • ‘The bowling chair is perfectly at home indoors or outdoors for residential purposes and functionally created for commercial environments.’