Definition of funboard in English:



  • A type of windsurfing board that is less stable but faster than a standard board.

    ‘the longer funboards need a higher degree of skill than the smaller size’
    as modifier ‘funboard sailing’
    • ‘The most favourable months for those that ride funboards are certainly the spring and autumn months when the frequency of windy days is greatest.’
    • ‘The design works well in small to medium size surf, however, funboards lose their charm in large surf.’
    • ‘OK… I have a question regarding what is the difference between funboard to a regular board?’
    • ‘The funboards are designed to make the most of all sorts of waves.’
    • ‘Then when you look at the break on a good swell, you have all manner of waves - a thick dredging wave by the jetty and then a slower, slopey wave - a longboard and funboard wave.’
    • ‘Find out more about the funboard setup and the different design features using the related links.’
    • ‘This smaller funboard offers many of the same characteristics of the other boards in the group.’
    • ‘You know how to go windsurfing on a long board, you sail in stronger and stronger winds, its high time to experience the acceleration and vivacity of a short board… a funboard.’
    • ‘Narrower and thinner than a funboard, with aggressive rocker and bottom contours.’