Definition of funambulism in English:



  • See funambulist

    • ‘The trapeze artist provides a crash course in funambulism.’
    • ‘As the time wore on, funambulism became almost commonplace, performers tried to outdo one another by narrowing the rope and increasing their speed.’
    • ‘Funambulism has many potential pitfalls.’
    • ‘The tightrope outside Philippe Petit's house is iced with a thick frosting of snow - as is the long pole he uses to balance when he walks the wire: so there will be no funambulism for the Frenchman today.’
    • ‘In North America, funambulism was taken to new heights during the 1850s when Frenchman Jean Francois Gravelet got international attention by performing a number of stunts overtop Niagara Falls.’