Definition of fumarate in English:



  • A salt or ester of fumaric acid.

    • ‘Some cheletes are fumarates, gluconates, asparatates, citrates and amino acids.’
    • ‘One of these oxygen sensing regulatory systems is the fumarate and nitrate reduction transcriptional regulator.’
    • ‘Then there are salts from organic acids (maleate, citrate, fumarate, gluconate), other mineral acids (sulfate, phosphate), and some mixed breeds like methanesulfonate.’
    • ‘As part of the metabolism of phenylalanine, oxygen is used to break the ring structure, and eventually after several intermediate steps, the aliphatic (straight chain) molecules fumarate and acetoacetate are produced.’
    • ‘In reversed-polarity mode, they also observed a new peak similar to that of maleate, which they later attributed to the impurity fumarate.’
    • ‘It could be also shown that CitT catalyses either an homologous exchange of citrate or a heterologous exchange with succinate, fumarate, or tartrate.’