Definition of fully in English:



  • 1Completely or entirely; to the fullest extent.

    ‘I fully understand the fears of the workers’
    • ‘It would probably take at least two terms to be fully dealt with and vast amounts of money.’
    • ‘However, Duncker was fully aware of the need to avoid alienating her audience.’
    • ‘Things happen behind closed doors which he doesn't see and so he doesn't fully understand.’
    • ‘Auditors were called in, but the true amount of money taken by Lucas could not be fully determined.’
    • ‘She is fully aware of the risks, but believes her past experience will help.’
    • ‘Social workers told me that until they read it they hadn't understood fully the feelings of carers.’
    • ‘She said he ‘was not fully candid about his knowledge of White House involvement in the decision’.’
    • ‘I would go so far as to suggest that two or three of them were anything but fully fit.’
    • ‘I fully understand this viewpoint, but I think that there is an inherent moral dilemma.’
    • ‘I fully understand that person's fears but the wider picture is kinda scary don't you think?’
    • ‘Employers in 40 percent of colleges have yet to fully meet the last national deal on pay.’
    • ‘The fact that it's fully interactive is entirely appropriate to the subject matter.’
    • ‘It's fully revised, with a new chapter taking in the whole saga of his resignation and comeback.’
    • ‘No amount of money can fully compensate for the loss of a limb or for extreme pain.’
    • ‘Employ a good lawyer and make sure you fully understand the process before you commit to any purchase.’
    • ‘His importance and contribution can never be fully appreciated.’
    • ‘However the youngster has scored five in his last seven and will be fully focused on the job at hand.’
    • ‘This can only happen by fully listening to and understanding the evidence before making a comment.’
    • ‘Autism is an extremely complex condition, and one which has never been fully understood.’
    • ‘By then, the emphasis was fully focused on the harmony and happiness of the marriage.’
    completely, entirely, wholly, totally, thoroughly, quite, utterly, perfectly, altogether, exhaustively, extensively, intimately, in all respects, in every respect, without reservation, without exception, lock, stock, and barrel, from first to last, to the hilt
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  • 2No less or fewer than (used to emphasize an amount)

    ‘fully 65 per cent of all funerals are by cremation’
    • ‘Fully 40 percent of the nation's states were now affected in some way by budget restrictions.’
    • ‘Above the east stand of the ground, fully a hundred yards or so from where I stood, flew four seagulls, and their cries were all that broke the silence.’
    • ‘Fully 10 percent more girls than boys pray daily.’
    • ‘Fully 1.2 million of the people providing care to family and friends spent 50 hours or more a week engaged in this support.’
    at least, without exaggeration, easily, quite
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Old English fullīce (see full, -ly).