Definition of full price in English:

full price


  • The normal price at which something is offered for sale, as opposed to a reduced price.

    ‘if you pay by credit card you have to pay the full price’
    ‘even at full price, it's a good deal’
    • ‘We can't see many people buying a phone without a contract - the full price is £449.’
    • ‘Not so long ago, small cars needed big rebates while big SUVs sold fast at full price.’
    • ‘Not to worry, our real estate agent assured us; the bidders would go to full price.’
    • ‘They don't want to pay full price for a game they won't be able to fully use.’
    • ‘Why would you want to buy something at full price when you can buy it for less?’
    • ‘Others will find it sporadically amusing, but not worth the full price of admission.’
    • ‘This is clearly a lot less than the full-price version, but a lot more than the pirate version.’
    • ‘This is a useful compendium of most of Hindemith's music previously available on three full-price discs.’
    • ‘Don't bother going after half 12 because they close the bar at 1 but still charge you full price to get in!’
    • ‘Elderly people who can't afford the full price of nursing home care are entitled to a health board subsidy.’


  • Costing the normal price.

    ‘a full-price ticket’