Definition of full out in English:

full out


  • 1As much or as far as possible; with maximum effort or power:

    ‘he held his foot to the floor until the car raced full out’
    • ‘She joined as a dancer in 1974 and began doing character and mime roles in 1976, which she still does, although she stopped dancing full out in 1985.’
    • ‘I try to do what my doctor says and skip certain steps, like arabesque, but I feel like I'm being lazy unless I do everything full out.’
    • ‘I always go full out and I was definitely going full out in white heels.’
    • ‘You and players like you truly make us baseball fans appreciate all the more those players who go full out every day, hurt or not, and never complain.’
    • ‘I ran full out down the main corridor.’
    • ‘One 15-year-old ballet student made this mistake in her summer program last year by dancing full out before her body had adjusted to four classes a day.’
    • ‘Clonaslee Tidy Towns committee are working full out in an effort to enhance the appearance of the village before judging in the national competition takes place.’
    • ‘She full out smacked my shoulder and I bounced away from her, grinning and saying, ‘You'd look cute.’’
    • ‘One night as I laid in bed, I cried, I full out cried.’
    • ‘His smirk disappeared and he was full out glaring at me.’
    to the maximum, flat out
    at full speed, at maximum speed, as fast as possible, with maximum power, at full tilt, at full pelt, at breakneck speed
    hell for leather, hammer and tongs, like crazy, like mad, like a bat out of hell
    like the clappers, like billy-o
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  • 2Printing
    Flush with the margin.

    • ‘Paragraphs starting ‘full out’ may be indistinguishable from the previous paragraph if the latter ends with a full, or almost full, line.’