Definition of full name in English:

full name


  • A person's whole name, including their first name and surname, and often any middle names.

    ‘my full name is John Arthur Butler’
    ‘please include your full name and address’
    • ‘He is reluctant to give his full name.’
    • ‘We ask each ranking user to provide his or her full name and e-mail address.’
    • ‘Danny, full name Danny Foster, is one of the pioneers of UK garage.’
    • ‘His full name was Dello di Niccolo Delli.’
    • ‘I cannot disclose her full name.’
    • ‘Once again, your supervisor's full name and contact info is?’
    • ‘The townspeople who hire Spenser's gang refuse to make the deal unless the guys identify themselves by their full names.’
    • ‘Its dutiful dedication to the Earl of Southampton was signed with the poet's full name.’
    • ‘Advise your children that they are not to give out their full name, address, or phone to anyone.’