Definition of full forward in English:

full forward


Australian Rules Football
  • The centrally positioned player in front of the goal on the forward line of the attacking team.

    • ‘Cavan were playing good quality ball into their full forward line and there was very little that the Sligo defence could do.’
    • ‘John Fitzpatrick is still as elusive as ever in the full forward line and will capitalise on anything that breaks.’
    • ‘Mitchels began to play more direct ball into the full forward line and it reaped dividends.’
    • ‘McDonnell has been a godsend for those who thought high fielding was a dying art in the full forward line.’
    • ‘The Kerry defence has tightened up very much, while the full forward line is free scoring.’
    • ‘The game really could be summed up in the difference of the full forward lines in their scoring power and physical presence.’
    • ‘Both opted to play two men in the full forward line which made for a very crowded midfield.’
    • ‘They were slow to start but by the fifteenth minute each member of the full forward line had raised a white flag.’
    • ‘It is very probable that both teams will play a two-man full forward line, thus ensuring a high scoring game.’
    • ‘At this moment in time, he is in pole position for the championship full forward position.’
    • ‘Both are tight and stylish corner backs but they will have to be at the very top of their game against the Castletown full forward line.’
    • ‘The full forward line were all on fire last day out but lived off crumbs with a poor supply of ball.’
    • ‘With the Kerry half forward line on defensive duty, the full forward line was afforded the space it revels in and needs.’
    • ‘In the full forward line Shane Kavanagh found himself in the unusual No.14 jersey but he enjoyed it.’
    • ‘It might be time to look at putting Declan O'Sullivan in the full forward position again.’
    • ‘Playing high balls into the full forward line was a suicidal tactic and the changes that were made on the sideline were strange.’
    • ‘After half time, Clonduff's men started out well with a strong full forward line.’
    • ‘Even when Young was injured and moved into the full forward line he was as imposing as ever and managed to score a great goal.’
    • ‘It is of concern, though, that no score came off the full forward line which started the game.’
    • ‘In the run the up to this match, much was made of the Galway full forward line and likewise of the Waterford fullbackline.’


full forward