Definition of full dress uniform in English:

full dress uniform


mass noun
  • Military uniform worn on ceremonial occasions.

    ‘a guard of honour in full dress uniform’
    • ‘Although no longer a general issue, full dress uniform is still maintained by the Regiment for special occasions.’
    • ‘As I approached a heavily trafficked intersection I spotted a group of Marines resplendent in full dress uniform under the bright morning sun.’
    • ‘Police officers in full dress uniform wearing white gloves had solemnly and silently filled the four thousand urns as if each urn were the only one.’
    • ‘He now stood in full dress uniform in a hallway leading into a military courtroom.’
    • ‘Hard to miss, especially as they turned out in full dress uniform with plaids and feather bonnets on what turned out to be a warm day.’
    • ‘A large crowd of people from area communities proudly assembled for the ceremony, as did many officials in full dress uniform and local dignitaries.’
    • ‘He was in full dress uniform, black with golden pips and a red beret.’
    • ‘On the specified day, I stood outside, completely and totally nervous, wearing a full dress uniform, with my newly appointed captain's bars on my collar.’
    • ‘In his full dress uniform, the soldier was the image of authoritarian normalcy in the midst of chaos.’
    • ‘Yet every year its governor dons full dress uniform, complete with scarlet ostrich-plumed hat, to celebrate the birthday of its head of state, Her Majesty the Queen.’
    • ‘The different regiments marched through town all in full dress uniform, horses etc and lots of bands.’
    • ‘Marines also lined High Street in full dress uniform ready to pay their final respects to a fallen comrade.’
    • ‘The award-winning Navy band was present in full dress uniform and thrilled the audience with outstanding renditions of the Thai National Anthem and the United States National Anthem.’
    • ‘Cloaked in Braemar purple felt, surrounded by five large candles and guarded at each corner by an officer of the Household Cavalry in full dress uniform, the catafalque was yesterday afternoon an arresting sight.’
    • ‘The sepia picture in a family album showed a soldier in full dress uniform with the Victoria Cross pinned to his chest.’
    • ‘He was in full dress uniform when he married Mum and various black-and-white pictures of them emerging from church, looking impossibly glamorous and in love, adorned our fireplace at home.’
    • ‘The military top brass were in full dress uniform, complete with sashes and gold brocade.’
    • ‘Rising to his feet, he looks up at the sight of a grown-up, a naval officer in full dress uniform.’
    • ‘He was a soldier in full dress uniform with his hat tucked under his arm.’
    • ‘The blue uniform was his formal full dress uniform as worn by officers of the rank of captain and above.’