Definition of full age in English:

full age


mass nounBritish
  • Adult status (especially with reference to legal rights and duties)

    ‘a man or woman of full age may reject medical advice’
    • ‘Of these people only Mrs. Sapana Uddin was of full age.’
    • ‘You only get the full age allowance if your income is below the ‘age allowance limit’, which is currently £18, 300.’
    • ‘Does it require consideration of whether the persons not of full age for whom the Minister is guardian should have had benefit of the appointment of a guardian ad litem for the purpose of the proceedings in the Tribunal?’
    • ‘The college declined that also (unsurprisingly, if only because Mr Gillett was still under full age as the law then stood).’
    • ‘Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family.’
    • ‘If you have beneficiaries of full age, which, of course, these were not, you can get informed consent.’
    • ‘In 1389, when Richard II was 22 years old, he declared: ‘I am of full age to govern my house, and my household, and also my realm.’
    • ‘People of full age and sound understanding must look after themselves and take responsibility for their actions.’
    • ‘International law recognizes that the right to marry is a natural right guaranteed to every individual of full age.’
    • ‘A new power for the trustees only applies where all the beneficiaries are of full age and absolutely entitled.’
    • ‘In deciding what… [the plaintiff] would ‘reasonably have considered’ one has to have regard to the circumstances obtaining in 1975, when she attained full age.’
    • ‘Considerable rights, powers, and privileges are given to a natural person of full age and capacity.’
    • ‘That is not of course what happened; they simply accepted that the expressed wish of the appellant's father, who was of full age and apparently sound mind, not to go on with it.’
    • ‘In this case, the minor is to be accompanied in her course of action by the person of full age of her choice.’
    • ‘Although the Family Law Reform Act 1969 provides that children of 16 can consent as if they were of full age, the Act specifically preserves the common law powers of parental consent.’
    • ‘A person of full age may refuse treatment for any reason or no reason at all, even if it appears certain that the result will be his death.’
    • ‘For example, the High Court has said: ‘People of full age and sound understanding must look after themselves and take responsibility for their actions.’’
    • ‘Provided that, if the person is not of full age and capacity, the application shall be made on his behalf by his responsible parent or by his guardian or other lawful representative.’
    • ‘It may simply be the statement of an indisputable conclusion, as if for example one were to say that on attaining the age of twenty-one years a man is deemed to be of full age and no longer an infant.’
    • ‘The Inspectors said: ‘The school provides a good curriculum, which is well balanced and suited to all pupils across the full age and ability.’’