Definition of full-toned in English:



  • Having a strong, resonant tone.

    ‘a rich, full-toned rendition of a Puccini aria’
    • ‘I'm not wild about Alessandrini's take on the Italian Concerto - it makes a greater impact when it is played on a full-toned harpsichord.’
    • ‘Newbolt spoke of his great stature, leonine head, deep eyes, expressive lips, and a full-toned voice.’
    • ‘His singing, although full-toned, was often distinctly graceless and lacking in charm.’
    • ‘The Romanze second movement is done with delicacy in the solo part, balanced effectively against a fairly full-toned, stately orchestra.’
    • ‘This high school level orchestra played with a brilliance and full-toned vibrancy that would surpass many a respected ensemble.’
    • ‘Owen's Cavaradossi suffered from no such constraints: full-toned, freely projected, his voice rang out heroically.’
    • ‘Monika-Evelin Liiv's full-toned Cherubino also shone, as did Ji-Min Park as Don Basilio.’
    • ‘The sounds elicited by percussion may be clear or dull, full-toned or shallow-toned.’
    resonant, sonorous, ringing, resounding, reverberating, reverberative, reverberant, reverberatory, carrying, thundering, thunderous, rumbling, roaring
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