Definition of full-service in English:



  • 1Military. Designating a charge consisting of the full or maximum amount of propellant for a particular shell for use in action at maximum range. Now chiefly historical.

  • 2Railways. Designating the application of maximum braking power under normal running conditions, especially as opposed to braking procedure in an emergency; of or relating to the application of such power.

  • 3Of a business, establishment, etc.: that offers or has a complete range of services or amenities.

  • 4North American. Designating a restaurant, petrol station, etc., where customers are waited on or attended to by staff.


  • North American. At a petrol station: a system whereby an attendant pumps the petrol for the customer, and sometimes also cleans their windshield, checks the oil, etc.


Early 19th century. From full + service.