Definition of full-heartedness in English:



  • See full-hearted

    • ‘Your nature is joy, greatness and full-heartedness.’
    • ‘What actions do I need to take to remove the blocks or obstacles to full-heartedness?’
    • ‘With full-heartedness the University is committed to making our world a better place than it has been and working with our students to accomplish that end.’
    • ‘The value of gifts varies from family to family and it is widely recognized that it is the full-heartedness of gifts (not the money spent) that matters.’
    • ‘The ultimate yoga for souls is to attain a state of full-heartedness - a heart that offers itself in unremitting, unconditional love in response to the divine yearning.’
    • ‘It is about full-heartedness and strong-heartedness.’
    • ‘He's doing the work of a theologian, trying to articulate in new cultural idioms what the faith says.… He's a faithful man of the church, who ascribes to the Nicene Creed with full-heartedness.’
    • ‘This series will give you a taste of the many benefits of practicing yoga such as gaining increased flexibility and inner strength, improving cardiovascular and digestive health, and achieving relaxed awareness, full-heartedness and well-being.’