Definition of full-flavoured in English:


(US full-flavored)


  • (of food or drink) having a rich or intense flavour.

    ‘a full-flavoured cheese’
    ‘a vibrant, full-flavoured wine’
    • ‘The Reuben ($8) - Swiss cheese melted on a grilled smoked meat sandwich with a full-flavoured Polish sauerkraut - is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.’
    • ‘The firm white paste encased in signature black wax is slightly sweet but similar to a full-flavored cheddar.’
    • ‘The Italian influence on his cooking is strong, with its use of herbs and simple, full-flavoured recipes.’
    • ‘They are so full-flavored that you can be satisfied after just a few chips (though you may find yourself eating up the entire bag).’
    • ‘A sweet, full-flavored late-harvest Riesling turns the fruit and cheese into a delicious dessert.’
    • ‘The mash was good and the lemon and herby drizzle made this a light and delicate follow-on to the full-flavoured fish soup.’
    • ‘The grape has a natural affinity with oak and makes ripe, full-flavoured wines with medium levels of acidity.’
    • ‘Therefore, genetic engineering might modify an onion so that it lacks only this particular enzyme - and so remains full-flavored.’
    • ‘The kidney was almost conspicuous by its absence, but the gravy was thick and full-flavoured.’
    • ‘A bowl of authentic beef chili or a full-flavored steak on the table is the best argument for ensuring the supply of good beef.’