Definition of fuel poverty in English:

fuel poverty


mass nounBritish
  • The condition of being unable to afford to keep one's home adequately heated.

    ‘around 1.4 to 2 million households in England are in fuel poverty’
    • ‘Low incomes, poor housing, and poor heating and insulation standards are the root causes of fuel poverty.’
    • ‘A report published in February 2004 suggested that up to 2,000 deaths in this country each year could be attributed to fuel poverty.’
    • ‘Housing and fuel poverty are very much on the agenda as well.’
    • ‘Problems of fuel poverty in Northern Ireland are more severe than in other parts of the UK.’
    • ‘An underlying reasons for winter deaths is cold, damp homes which exacerbate fuel poverty.’
    • ‘In 1996, the number of households living in "fuel poverty" was 5.5 million.’
    • ‘She has signed an Early Day Motion demanding legislation changes "thus ensuring all social housing tenants are removed from fuel poverty".’
    • ‘The figure of 3 million in fuel poverty is based on the government's measure of bills worth more than 10 percent of gross household income.’
    • ‘This price rise is going to add millions to bills and expose many thousands of households to the risk of fuel poverty.’
    • ‘Last month, however, the British government launched a 10-year strategy to end fuel poverty in vulnerable households.’
    • ‘ALMOST 500 Kerry homes are set to benefit from funding earmarked to tackle the problem of fuel poverty in the county.’
    • ‘It's going to be a miserable winter for hundreds of thousands of consumers thrown into fuel poverty’
    • ‘Mr Scorer added that a 10% rise in gas bills across the board would result in 500,000 more people falling into fuel poverty.’
    • ‘Fuel poverty is experienced by anyone who spends more than 10% of his or her income keeping warm.’
    • ‘The need for action to alleviate fuel poverty throughout Ireland is now well established.’
    • ‘Help the Aged said that more than one million older people in England were living in fuel poverty, a major cause of winter deaths.’
    • ‘He described the relatively high incidences of fuel poverty in houses with children as particularly disturbing.’
    • ‘The committee says the scheme has to make more efforts to reach those in real "fuel poverty".’
    • ‘Our partnership with NEA will provide important support for agencies working with ethnic minority communities to help address fuel poverty.’