Definition of fuel-efficient in English:



  • (chiefly of a vehicle) designed to prevent the wasteful consumption of fuel.

    ‘an affordable, fuel-efficient compact car’
    • ‘They are lobbying for tax credits to help consumers buy new fuel-efficient hybrid cars.’
    • ‘Taxes reduce pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases by penalizing driving and by encouraging people to purchase more fuel-efficient cars.’
    • ‘His plan centers on increased support for renewable energy and for alternative motor fuels made from corn and soybeans, as well as incentives for clean coal technology and for more fuel efficient cars and trucks.’
    • ‘It is important to note that given that all emissions impose some costs on the broader community, the most fuel-efficient vehicles should still be taxed.’
    • ‘Most countries have since economized on usage through higher taxes on gasoline, more fuel-efficient cars and planes, and power plants that use natural gas and coal.’
    • ‘Americans are snapping up these fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly cars.’
    • ‘The top half of the "most fuel-efficient cars" list is packed with hybrids.’
    • ‘For some people the cost of motoring has fallen slightly—they're the sensible ones who've switched to cheaper and more fuel-efficient cars.’
    • ‘It is advisable to buy a car which has a smaller engine and is more fuel-efficient’
    • ‘Were our government to take positive steps to encourage people to buy really fuel-efficient cars, then there would be a further all-round drop.’
    • ‘More gains would come from making these trucks lighter and more fuel-efficient.’
    • ‘I think that conservation is probably something that we need to invest in and just making our automobile fleet more fuel-efficient is a great step.’
    • ‘The move to more fuel-efficient aircraft has also helped to achieve higher productivity.’
    • ‘Buying a more fuel-efficient car will go a long way towards slashing your cost of motoring.’
    • ‘It keeps fuel costs down by using only the latest and most fuel-efficient planes available, giving it the youngest fleet in the sky.’
    • ‘Standard thinking is you have to buy a smaller car when it comes to a fuel-efficient vehicle, but you can't really measure a consumer's desire for fuel economy if there's no direct substitute.’
    • ‘The Japanese also were unprepared for a surge in demand for fuel-efficient, diesel-powered cars.’
    • ‘Deferrals on airplane orders, the retirement of older and less fuel-efficient planes, and a tremendous drop in global fuel prices have dramatically cut costs.’
    cost-effective, effective, efficient, energy-efficient, energy-saving, fuel-saving, worthwhile, valuable, advantageous, cheap, inexpensive, low-cost, low-price, low-budget, budget, economy, reasonable, reasonably priced, cut-price
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