Definition of fryer in English:


(also frier)


  • 1A large, deep container for frying food.

    • ‘There have been many foods that we have put into a deep fryer: Twinkies, Snickers bars, Oreos, pickles, even cheesecake.’
    • ‘The no-frills atmosphere and the constant sizzle of the deep fryer add an air of authenticity, even if take-out orders aren't wrapped in newspaper anymore.’
    • ‘You can get deep fat fryers nowadays from about £20 upwards.’
    • ‘One reported burn incident occurred when partially frozen chicken wings were added to hot oil in a turkey fryer.’
    • ‘The fitted kitchen cum breakfast room has a Belfast sink, double oven, kitchen island with electric and gas double hobs, deep fat fryer and a wine rack.’
    • ‘Come closer, and note the absence of any conventional stovetops, closed ovens, deep fryers, or steam table.’
    • ‘For the asparagus tempura roll: In a deep fryer or tall sided pot, combine vegetable and sesame oils and heat to 350 degrees.’
    • ‘She kept her cool, even remembering to turn off the oven and deep fat fryer.’
    • ‘This mandate led to the elimination of deep fat fryers, and the provision of two daily meal choices (served with salad) that would appeal to teenagers.’
    • ‘Included in the sale are a built-in hob, oven and deep fat fryer along with a washing machine and dishwasher.’
    • ‘Raffle prizes ranged from bottles of wine to televisions and deep fat fryers.’
    • ‘The second was filled with an ill-smelling haze from the deep fat friers in the back kitchen.’
    • ‘Well, the industry has added a lot of warnings to these turkey fryers.’
    • ‘Homeowners often make mistakes when using a turkey fryer.’
    • ‘An unusual feature is the electric hob which incorporates a barbecue grill and deep fat fryer as well as two electric plates.’
    • ‘There is also a number of integrated Miele appliances, including a gas and electric hob, deep fat fryer, oven, microwave and fridge-freezer.’
    • ‘Even the waste fat from fast-food deep fryers can he used, and the conversion process is simple enough that some enthusiasts make it in their own kitchens.’
    • ‘Place the ring molds in the fryer until golden brown, about one minute.’
    • ‘Another rebelled in a healthy eating household and bought a deep fat fryer.’
    • ‘For the plantain crust: Preheat the deep fryer to 325 degrees.’
  • 2North American A small young chicken suitable for frying.

    • ‘When I shop for chicken, I don't buy anything other than whole fryers because I know how marked up the parts are.’
    • ‘Into the locker went butchered chickens - you butchered them when they had become fryers, though some were permitted to reach the roaster or stewing stage.’
    • ‘Of course, young chickens (also called broilers and fryers; under 6 lb. and about seven weeks old) can be roasted.’