Definition of frumpy in English:


adjectivefrumpier, frumpiest

  • (of a woman or her clothes) dowdy and old-fashioned.

    ‘I look like a frumpy mess’
    ‘frumpy, shapeless dresses’
    • ‘Television pundits lambasted her image as a frumpy housewife who delivered dull speeches while clad in dowdy grey or brown suits.’
    • ‘But with Tiffany gone, she no longer looked so dull and frumpy in comparison.’
    • ‘Every fall I struggle to find a pair of shoes which are comfortable, not frumpy, a bit trendy but not overly so, give me a little lift so I don't feel so casual everyday.’
    • ‘She did take a moment to glance at what Lisa was wearing though, and wasn't surprised that it was one of her usual dull, frumpy outfits.’
    • ‘Well she's cute, as ever, and it's nice to see so many women over the age of 30 continuing to play the love interest these days instead of being relegated to the frumpy mom roles.’
    dowdy, frumpish, unfashionable, old-fashioned
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