Definition of fruitful in English:



  • 1(of a tree, plant, or land) producing much fruit; fertile.

    ‘this seed will grow into a lovely fruitful tree’
    • ‘But where to plant this potentially fruitful tree?’
    • ‘Perhaps it is not insignificant that, standing under E. Foecunda, the fruitful eucalypt, the nameless stranger offers Ellen an apple.’
    • ‘He turns rivers into a desert, springs of water into thirsty ground, a fruitful land into a salty waste, because of the wickedness of its inhabitants.’
    • ‘The pictures show squares within squares - the water-holding depressions that in ancient times made the gardens fruitful.’
    • ‘In order to have a fruitful crop, first there must be rich, fertile soil, and then whatever is sown will not be wasted.’
    • ‘The Arabs of Madînah used to fecundate their palm-trees in order to make them more fruitful.’
    • ‘A barren fig tree takes up valuable garden space and nutrients that fruitful trees can use.’
    • ‘The holy Abbot Barrind has just visited the Promised Land of the Saints, a beautiful place of flowers and fruitful trees.’
    • ‘Additionally, a player may sell a plot of land for a tidy profit, useful in the later stages of the game where the most fruitful tracts of land have been claimed.’
    • ‘The land that he bought from the great house is very fruitful, yielding more harvest than his own land.’
    • ‘And it reminded me of how God says in the Bible that sometimes a tree needs to be pruned to be fruitful.’
    • ‘The rolling green pastures were now dust, plumes of brown and yellow swirling over a land which was once so rich and fruitful.’
    • ‘To be fruitful, a cacao tree must get individual attention - something the family farm and the small farmer are best suited to provide.’
    • ‘During the reign of King Rosen the land was rich and fruitful.’
    • ‘It was seen in the region of Dobrudja, Norteastern Bulgaria, which has always been taken as an example of fruitful land.’
    • ‘The hundred or so windows overlook 300 metres of lake frontage, an orchard of cherry, apple and pear trees, and an avenue of fruitful walnut trees.’
    • ‘Bourg's experimental results have shown that flowers that receive pollen from other plants are more fruitful than those fertilized by their own pollen.’
    • ‘Babylon's aggression is portrayed as a hot wind that will blow across Judah, rendering fruitful land barren and laying waste to cities.’
    • ‘No need to worry over wheat when you're harvesting barley, and maize isn't going to be as fruitful when it's time to sow fallow.’
    fruit-bearing, fructiferous, fruiting
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    1. 1.1 Producing good or helpful results; productive.
      ‘memoirs can be a fruitful source of information’
      • ‘Efforts to increase protection for those on the front lines of tiger protection have proved more fruitful.’
      • ‘The results of this study suggest several potentially fruitful avenues for future exploration.’
      • ‘A lesser concentration of the form a family takes and more on what it does might prove more fruitful.’
      • ‘It's especially fruitful for me to hear a different perspective.’
      • ‘One of the most fruitful bilateral dialogues has been with the Old Catholics.’
      • ‘So, it's not a very fruitful discussion to figure out.’
      • ‘The authors clearly have several potentially fruitful avenues to explore.’
      • ‘One would like to see them in a condition of fruitful collaboration.’
      • ‘Maritime historians have been particularly fruitful in this regard.’
      • ‘The Beatles were great because John Lennon and Paul McCartney together formed the most fruitful songwriting partnership in post-war music.’
      • ‘We had fruitful discussions, and no doubt those will continue in the build-up to the next Budget.’
      • ‘He just thinks looking might prove more fruitful.’
      • ‘New research initiatives have been particularly fruitful with the smaller cats of the world.’
      • ‘His skill and finesse in collecting and preparing specimens made this effort fruitful.’
      • ‘I found this point particularly fruitful in approaching these two Chinese American women writers.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, I think that Davis' basic approach of isolating subsystems of causation is extremely fruitful.’
      • ‘So there then came about a very fruitful collaboration, which has evolved over the last three years.’
      • ‘If they choose to immigrate they can have a fruitful career as a consultant.’
      • ‘Yet, it would be nice if there were a deductive way to ensure fruitful collaboration.’
      • ‘I met with head teachers from the schools on Monday and this meeting was extremely fruitful for all concerned.’
      productive, constructive, useful, of use, worthwhile, helpful, of help, of assistance, beneficial, valuable, rewarding, profitable, advantageous, gainful, successful, effective, effectual, well spent
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    2. 1.2 (of a person) producing many offspring.
      ‘and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply’
      ‘be happy, be fruitful’
      • ‘A fruitful wife is most desirable to maintain the health of the system.’
      • ‘I have bless him and I will make him fruitful and will increase him exceedingly.’
      • ‘A couple of years ago, I was discussing Genesis 1: 28 with a group of Christians when one ventured the opinion that the part about being fruitful and multiplying was well taken care of.’
      • ‘And if you will trust me as God Almighty, you can and you will be fruitful and multiply.’
      • ‘Consequently the barren noblewoman of the tale is quick to rush to judgment against her fruitful neighbor.’