Definition of fruitarian in English:



  • A person who eats only fruit.

    ‘I have been a fruitarian for three years’
    as modifier ‘the prehistoric fruitarian diet’
    • ‘All are vegetarians, many are vegans and some, including Ella, are fruitarians, living off a diet of nothing but fruit.’
    • ‘Because fruitarian diets provide fewer calories and protein than vegetarian diets, they are not suitable for teens.’
    • ‘Most fruitarians look at life from a holistic approach for both their health and their diet.’
    • ‘I recently read somewhere that many fruitarians actually get addicted to all the sugar in fruit.’
    • ‘They typically mix in some grains and nuts with their fruitarian diet and they may include tomatoes and avocados which are, in fact fruits.’
    • ‘Pescans and fruitarians are at the opposite ends of the vegetarian lifestyle.’
    • ‘Omnivorous, carnivorous, vegan, lacto-ovo and fruitarian are the main diet types based on eating style.’
    • ‘This is why it is very important for fruitarians to include a mineral source - vegetables of some kind - in their diet.’
    • ‘It is important for a fruitarian to take a vitamin-supplement containing vitamin B12.’
    • ‘Some components of the vegan and fruitarian diets are frequent causes of allergies, but allergy caused by pork or chicken meat is rarely if ever encountered.’
    • ‘Others are more radical, like ‘fruitarians’ (who consider it theft to drink milk, torture to cut leaves from plants, and murder to eat animals) or those who collect and compost ‘humanure’ (human manure).’
    • ‘A typical advertisement will often say ‘all meals are meat meals’ or ‘vegetarians welcome’, although we did find one that said, ‘no fruitarians please!’’
    • ‘But the fruitarians might have a word to say about that, as they eat only fruit in their quest for health and happiness.’
    • ‘A minority of fruitarians only eat fruit in the culinary sense.’
    • ‘I remained vegan for about 24 years during which time I met fruitarian and fruitarian influenced people.’
    • ‘Before we begin with the ‘recipes’ you should know what fruitarians consider to be fruits.’
    • ‘Some fruitarians only eat the fruit of a plant so that the plant does not have to be killed.’
    • ‘Since this site was launched in April 1996, we have welcomed many thousands of visitors, and fruitarian websites have multiplied.’
    • ‘On fruitarian diets, it is very easy to overeat and to fall into the nasty trap of sugar addiction.’
    • ‘There's lacto-ovo, lacto, ovo, vegan, macrobiotic, raw foodists and fruitarians.’


Late 19th century: from fruit, on the pattern of vegetarian.