Definition of fruit salad in English:

fruit salad


mass noun
  • 1A mixture of different types of chopped fruit served in syrup or juice.

    ‘there's fresh fruit salad for afters’
    count noun ‘they ate roast lamb followed by a fruit salad’
    • ‘I don't know what that's all about but I've seen the same fruit salad served in vastly different places.’
    • ‘My housekeeper stocks the fridge with fruit salad, fresh orange juice, meat and salad, but I suppose that's pretty boring.’
    • ‘Popular desserts were trifle, fruit salad and traditional Christmas pudding, often made wrapped in a cloth and boiled in the copper.’
    • ‘Pudding lovers looking for something full of eastern promise might be disappointed though: the desserts on offer were profiteroles, fruit salad and tiramisu - all at £2.95.’
    • ‘For pudding, I had fruit salad with custard.’
    • ‘You use the champagne as you would a stock syrup in a fruit salad, to let the purée down but without adding extra sweetness.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, with plenty of fresh fruit salad for dessert, you can certainly fill up healthily for $6.95.’
    • ‘The usual suspects are on parade for dessert, with a line-up including pancakes, ice-cream, fruit salad and banana flambé.’
    • ‘The ripe flesh can be served in a fruit salad, or with ice cream; or sections of it can be stewed with sugar and lime juice and conserved.’
    • ‘Grace watched the group interact from where she was serving herself some fruit salad and suddenly wasn't very hungry.’
    • ‘They only had fruit salad and chocolate mousse for dessert.’
    • ‘For dessert there were cheesecake, ice cream, cream cake, fruit salad, and napoleons.’
    • ‘Tonight: smoked salmon salad with lemon and mint dressing, followed by fresh fruit salad, all home-made, of course.’
    • ‘Coconut pancake, dates with sesame wantons, fresh fruit salad and ice-creams are displayed adjacent to the buffet table.’
    • ‘She served fresh milk, introduced wholemeal pasta and fresh fruit salad, and baked her own flapjacks and crumbles with oats, sunflower seeds and locally grown apples.’
    • ‘For dessert the choice is limited to pancakes, creme caramel or fruit salad.’
    • ‘And my simple little dinner (tomato soup, roast leg of lamb with roast potatoes and canned beans, followed by fresh fruit salad and ice cream) did go down well.’
    • ‘Other options include fruit salad, light biscuit sweetmeat, ice cream, or doughnuts.’
    • ‘Desserts offered were a chocolate torte, fresh fruit salad (great, not too many apple slices) and a hot concoction of a light sponge topped with apple and blackberries that had a crunchy crumble thin layer on top.’
    • ‘It's served with a tropical fruit salad on the side.’
    1. 1.1military slang A display of medals and other decorations.
      ‘a red-faced old gentleman with a fruit salad of medal ribbons on his chest’


fruit salad