Definition of fruit machine in English:

fruit machine


  • A coin-operated gaming machine that generates random combinations of symbols (typically representing fruit) on a dial, certain combinations winning varying amounts of money for the player.

    Also called slot machine
    • ‘Options reeled through his mind like tumblers in a fruit machine, options involving a hammer, and a foot through the screen, and running out into the street before the nightmare could start again.’
    • ‘We plan to restore the fruit machine to its original appearance and have it working in our Social History Gallery.’
    • ‘The company, which also provides pubs with quiz machines, jukeboxes and pool tables, will be contacting the makers of the main fruit machine used in the scam to ask them to change a mechanism to stop the refill keys working.’
    • ‘Last week, our lunchtime feast included a selling handicap at Catterick and some of the other races have been equally as poor, many so bad they would barely make a betting shop punter look up from the fruit machine.’
    • ‘On the way out it was time for traditional throwing money into the fruit machine and Debbie managed to win a couple of pounds!’
    • ‘An ordinary gambling machine, otherwise known as a fruit machine or one-armed bandit, is designed in such a way that when you put in a coin, a causal mechanism operates, and you do or do not get coins out, a pay-out.’
    • ‘They spew from him like coins from a fruit machine.’
    • ‘The billiards and darts has been removed, there's not even a fruit machine there anymore and their sport is limited on TV.’
    • ‘It's only then that I noticed a pair of aftermarket buttons that would look more at home on a pub fruit machine.’
    • ‘He noticed a pool table and a fruit machine outside a broken window of the cafe.’
    • ‘He might have got some money because we were both skint and he bought me a cup of tea and he played on the fruit machine at that cafe.’
    • ‘The main reason is the boom in fixed-odds betting terminals, the modern version of the fruit machine.’
    • ‘And I should know - I was the sucker still withdrawing cash at the airport because I had just blown my last 20 in a fruit machine.’
    • ‘There is no discernible amusement save the solitary fruit machine by the carousel.’
    • ‘Until a couple of weeks ago, I had only ever bought a couple of lottery tickets, I've never even played on a fruit machine.’
    • ‘Bacta, the organisation representing Britain's gaming and amusement machine industry, says the legislation change will move fruit machine gaming into the 21st century.’
    • ‘A young woman with heavy make-up sat at the bar talking incessantly to the Scottish barmaid, while a man kept his stare fixed firmly on the fruit machine he was playing as I approached.’
    • ‘I grinned and sat down on another of the green-covered seats that ran round three edges of the bare games room, which housed a blinking fruit machine and a pool table with three balls missing from its ranks.’
    • ‘He has spent thousands of pounds on the collection which includes a Batman and Robin version of Monopoly, a Monopoly fruit machine and a specially-made wooden board worth £700.’
    • ‘Once inside the burglars headed straight for the fruit machine, which was due to be emptied the next day, and forced it open, stealing £200 to £300 in coins.’


fruit machine