Definition of fruit drop in English:

fruit drop


  • 1A fruit-flavoured sweet.

  • 2mass noun The shedding of unripe fruit from a tree.

    • ‘Failure to prevent fruit drop with plant growth regulators can result in excessive fruit loss at harvest.’
    • ‘But fruit drop is common among citrus, and there's not much you can do but keep the trees healthy and keep stress at a minimum.’
    • ‘In such cases, a pollinator can help reduce fruit drop.’
    • ‘The product may increase yield by reducing preharvest fruit drop and increasing fruit size of late harvested fruit.’
    • ‘So on young trees, I think fruit drop is desirable.’
    • ‘Too much fertilizer, especially nitrogen, will cause fruit drop.’
    • ‘Although the small fruit drop in June can be alarming, it's just nature's way of thinning the crop so the remaining fruit can reach full size.’
    • ‘In 1969, Crane claimed that fruit drop was a direct result of hormonal gradient of diffusate from the fruit.’
    • ‘The orchard plants should be protected from high velocity winds which could cause damage to by uprooting the trees, breaking branches, causing premature fruit drop, erosion of top soil and evaporation of soil moisture.’
    • ‘These losses would result from export sanctions, lost markets, treatment costs, reduced crop yields, deformities, and premature fruit drop.’
    • ‘Varieties that are susceptible to preharvest drop should be monitored to determine when fruit drop is beginning.’
    • ‘If one uses fruit drop to assess the effects of a thinning treatment, it will take 14 to 21 days after treatment.’
    • ‘Moreover, no fruit drop was observed during the course of the trial.’
    • ‘Too much or too little water can cause fruit drop.’
    • ‘It is too much to ignore and I receive most of the queries about fruit drop during this period.’
    • ‘They should be planted in the garden in a place where one doesn't mind the fruit drop, which can be prolific.’
    • ‘This type of fruit drop may occur in April or May.’
    • ‘Overproduction can cause stress that triggers fruit drop.’


fruit drop

/ˈfruːt drɒp/