Definition of fruit dove in English:

fruit dove


  • A tropical fruit-eating dove that typically has brightly coloured plumage, usually with a green back, and occurs mainly in Indonesia and Australasia.

    Genus Ptilonopus (and Phapitreron), family Columbidae: many species

    Compare with fruit pigeon
    • ‘Wood said that while few would notice the passing of Sumba's little-known hornbills, quails and fruit doves, their demise has wider implications.’
    • ‘The Jambu fruit dove is a plump dove with a small head and a small yellow or orange beak.’
    • ‘Such birds as the bridled white-eye, the Guam flycatcher, and the Mariana fruit dove, once widespread on the island, now exist only as stuffed museum specimens or illustrations in birders' guidebooks.’
    • ‘Some pigeons and doves, including tropical fruit doves, are exclusively frugivorous, fruit-eating.’
    • ‘Days find you snorkeling over pulsating sea clams and other marine life, sea-kayaking Kuata Island's slender peninsula, or hiking its interior, where you might just spot a many-colored fruit dove.’