Definition of fruit cocktail in English:

fruit cocktail


mass noun
  • A finely chopped fruit salad, often commercially produced in tins.

    • ‘Fresh cut pear and soft spice aromas meander to a pineapple led tropical fruit cocktail and refreshing pear drop finish.’
    • ‘Pare the skin and eat plain or add to a fruit cocktail.’
    • ‘In a mixing bowl lightly beat the eggs, then stir in the sugar, baking soda, salt and fruit cocktail with juice.’
    • ‘Decorate it with sliced mango and this will not only look gorgeous, it will taste like a tropical fruit cocktail.’
    • ‘Two cups of fruit cocktail in its own juice (no sugar added) yields 60 grams of carbs and 400 mg potassium.’
    • ‘We could have chosen peach or pineapple Melba, fruit cocktail or lychees in syrup.’
    • ‘If they still have room for dessert and don't fancy Christmas pudding, fruit cocktail or melon are options.’
    • ‘Believe me Dad, if she is strong enough to survive an assault from a truck, she is strong enough to carry fruit cocktail to all the guests.’
    • ‘I combined the oranges and fruit cocktail in a large Ziploc bag, sealed it tightly, then spent fifteen minutes squeezing and mashing it lovingly until it was the consistency of a pulpy paste.’
    • ‘Marcy agreed, and together they went to the ship and began to root through what supplies they had, coming up with a can of fruit cocktail in preservative juices, two water bottles, a half pound of red meat, and flat bread.’
    • ‘Maybe you might want a fruit cocktail or something.’
    • ‘Bracing myself for tinned fruit cocktail in a light syrup, I was pleasantly surprised to be served really fresh banana, grapes and pineapple.’
    • ‘Red 3, which is found in the cherries in fruit cocktail, some types of confectionery and baked produce, is known to cause thyroid cancer in rats.’
    • ‘I scooped up two gallon cans of fruit cocktail and a bag of bread and returned to my station.’
    • ‘Just then, Kevin stepped outside, and leaned against the house, still eating his fruit cocktail.’
    • ‘In the end, I just selected a small can of fruit cocktail from the shelves above the fridge and went to look for a fork.’
    • ‘Most pears grown today are either sold fresh or they're canned, dried, or processed into fruit cocktail, nectar, juice, baby food, or other familiar offerings.’
    • ‘Trading a slice of chocolate cheesecake for a fruit cocktail of grapes, strawberries and raspberries (a good idea in any case) provides ellagic acid, a tannin that may block enzymes needed for cancer cells to reproduce.’
    • ‘Is the person in front of you at the grocery store buying single-serving mac 'n' cheese and fruit cocktail and maybe even one of those mini astrology scrolls?’
    • ‘A fruit cocktail sounds like fun until you realise there's no alcohol in it.’


fruit cocktail