Definition of fruit bowl in English:

fruit bowl


  • A bowl used for holding fruit.

    ‘she grabbed a plum from the fruit bowl’
    • ‘Keep a fruit bowl on the dining room table.’
    • ‘Parents need to know the basics of nutrition and help by emptying snack drawers and filling up fruit bowls.’
    • ‘But he's having eight pieces of fruit a day; before he wouldn't even look at the fruit bowl.’
    • ‘The moment she left, I got up and looked at the note, which she had left on top of the fruit bowl.’
    • ‘Between meals, he loved to take peaches and plums from the fruit bowl.’
    • ‘Always have a full fruit bowl at home.’
    • ‘Mrs Hunter lifted a bunch of grapes out of the fruit bowl.’
    • ‘To ripen tomatoes, place them in a fruit bowl or paper bag.’
    • ‘This fruit salad contains melon, grapefruit and grapes, but can be improvised with whatever is in your own fruit bowl.’
    • ‘The grapes in the fruit bowl look good enough to eat.’