Definition of fruit body in English:

fruit body


  • another term for fruiting body
    • ‘Its single-stalked fruit body is much like the surface of a mushroom gill, rich with spores.’
    • ‘The shiny, blue-black layer that is so conspicuous on each fruit body in the photograph is comprised of thousands of balloon-like cells, each pointing up and each containing eight spores.’
    • ‘A morel is noticeably different from a normal mushroom; instead of a cap, it has an upright fruit body, distinctively pitted and resembling a honeycomb or sponge.’
    • ‘The mutant did not exhibit any visible sign of fruiting although the parental strain formed fertile fruit bodies constitutively.’
    • ‘The MD-fraction is extracted and fractionated from the mycelia and fruit bodies of Grifola frondosa or G. albicans, G. umbellata, or G. gigantea.’