Definition of fruit-bearing in English:



  • (of a tree or other plant) producing fruit.

    ‘flowering and fruit-bearing shrubs enhance a new home’
    • ‘Vegetation on the campus is very heterogeneous and disturbed, being composed of natural, introduced, ornamental and fruit-bearing species.’
    • ‘The early Greeks in their struggle for survival distinguished primarily between fruit-bearing trees and unproductive ones.’
    • ‘Sadly, when logging is carried out, smaller plants and fruit-bearing vegetation is often crushed by falling trunks.’
    • ‘Raspberries and blackberries are the most popular and profitable fruit-bearing brambles in Ohio.’
    • ‘All had gardens and grew the same fruit-bearing plants that grow in the German villages of their old homeland, where each house had a kitchen garden.’
    • ‘Flowering and avenue trees, fruit-bearing trees and medicinal herbs recommended by the Indian Road Congress would be planted and protected for three years till they mature.’
    • ‘The 5,000 square feet small island in the Valankulam tank will be home to fruit-bearing trees, which would attract birds.’
    • ‘When flowering or fruit-bearing miniature trees are seen in season, they look attractive and colourful, and these are most popular among Bonsai growers.’
    • ‘Don't resort to cutting down fruit-bearing trees - that would be much too drastic.’
    • ‘During his five years of research in tropical forests, Dudley became interested in the connections between primates and fruit-bearing plants.’
    • ‘Orchids, flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees have been combined to green the area.’
    • ‘An apple tree arches long, fruit-bearing limbs behind the first man and woman, holding them in an embrace.’
    • ‘It is very attractive tree and I have seen it grown as a multi-stemmed specimen with fruit-bearing branches growing all the way up the several trunks or as a single trunked tree topped with a mass of branches.’
    • ‘If a fruit-bearing tree or plant is not pruned or pinched off, it produces more leaves and branches and less fruit.’
    • ‘With that aid, they're building wells, increasing chicken and goat production, reforesting their land with fruit-bearing trees and cassava, and planting maize, beans and sweet potatoes.’
    • ‘For instance, apple trees flower on wood several years old, so you would prune the tree only to strengthen the fruit-bearing branches.’
    • ‘A worm compost is also being added for natural fertilization, said officials, who plan to plant an array of fruit-bearing trees and bushes, vegetables, and flowers in the garden.’
    • ‘This time, the objective was to propagate specific varieties of fruit-bearing trees that also provide food and shelter to various fauna.’
    • ‘Even in small spaces, you can lure birds with just a single tree, some fruit-bearing shrubs, flowers, a birdbath, and a bird feeder.’
    • ‘It was decided that if it was to be a community orchard we should plant other fruit-bearing trees as well.’
    fructiferous, fruiting
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