Definition of fructify in English:



[with object]formal
  • 1Make (something) fruitful or productive.

    ‘they were sacrificed in order that their blood might fructify the crops’
    • ‘The students are at the helm of activities right from obtaining permission to utilise ‘poromboke’ land in the villages and raising funds from philanthropists to fructify asset creation.’
    • ‘But if our wisdom includes the supersensible life in the background, we perceive the one fructifying the other, the one enclosed within the other.’
    • ‘Thence it fructified the economy of China's centres of silk and tea production in the lower Yangzi provinces.’
    • ‘I decided to fructify this one for the sole reason that it didn't require another person to do it.’
    • ‘The districts at the extremities of the country are Nephthys, and Anubis accordingly is the son of the Nile, which by its inundation has fructified a distant part of the country.’
    add fertilizer to, enrich with fertilizer, feed, mulch, compost, manure, dung, dress, top-dress
    pollinate, cross-pollinate, cross-fertilize, make fruitful
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    1. 1.1no object Bear fruit or become productive.
      ‘it fructified like vegetation in steamy heat’
      • ‘Even if it does, whenever it may be, it will take at least five years to fructify.’
      • ‘An agreement, for raising plantation around Satuluru station in 15 acres for a 15-year period, is likely to fructify soon.’
      • ‘The plant fructifies during the June-to-September season.’
      • ‘The government's ambitious project of supplying Cauvery water and laying UGD lines are yet to fructify.’
      • ‘Investigations occasionally fructify, although they always take time.’
      • ‘The idea never died and it has fructified to become the new museum.’
      • ‘However, these rag-pickers soon realise than their dreams can only fructify if they get monetary support from the elite.’
      • ‘For the past couple of days, their visits to the General Post Office, the only place from where the applications could be bought, did not fructify.’
      • ‘The next step however, took yet another decade to fructify.’
      • ‘Similarly, her concern for the fisherfolk and their fears over the possible loss of livelihood if the canal fructifies may not be misplaced.’
      • ‘The end of the Order, in all branches, is a contemplation that fructifies in the apostolate.’
      • ‘It rarely fructifies but the thallus varies in size, amount of division and cusping as well as colour.’
      • ‘And this idealist struggle will continue and take many more years to fructify.’
      • ‘What force prevents the terrorist conspiracy from fructifying?’
      • ‘We are happy the government has taken steps for mega infrastructure projects which will fructify ten years later.’
      • ‘Gandhi's dream of non-violent world-order can not fructify unless there is a qualitative transformation of leaders of nations and peoples.’
      • ‘The proposal to build the Devanhalli international airport too has taken a long time to fructify and even today the progress is bogged down with some technicalities, though there is no doubt about its becoming a reality before long.’
      • ‘However, in the tropical rain forests, some tall arbor plants, also die away after they blossom and fructify one time; and this is little known to common people.’
      • ‘It may be noted that in this case, there is full performance risk - the airline has to exist, operate, achieve ticket sales and collect successfully for the cashflows to fructify.’
      • ‘However, this failed to fructify because of the complex licensing procedures of the U.S. Department of State, which regulates the export of satellites and related systems and components.’


Middle English: from Old French fructifier, from Latin fructificare, from fructus ‘fruit’.