Definition of frothy in English:


adjectivefrothiest, frothier

  • 1Full of or covered with a mass of small bubbles.

    ‘steaming mugs of frothy coffee’
    • ‘The water was steamy hot, and frothy from the bubble bath she had added.’
    • ‘It articulated the frustrations of a generation struggling to find their own voice in a society that hadn't yet given a place to them, when going to a cafe and drinking frothy coffee was about as exciting as it got.’
    • ‘Combine 2 1/4 cups evaporated milk, 1/2 cup sugar and vanilla extract in blender; blend until frothy.’
    • ‘Developing young create a frothy mass commonly known as cuckoo spit on plants in the early spring and summer to hide from predators such as ants.’
    • ‘Yesterday, during my morning tea break (such as it is at the moment), I dashed around the corner to the cafe and got my ever present hot frothy coffee.’
    • ‘The frothy milk ‘caps’ were perfect, and the coffee flavor in both cases was good too.’
    • ‘Rich, frothy and laden with booze, eggnog is an inevitable part of the Yuletide tradition.’
    • ‘The coffee was made frothy by pouring it from one container to another, with as much air in between as possible.’
    • ‘The frothy mass is left to set and go hard, and becomes a hazard to teeth!’
    • ‘The crabs twitched and blew frothy bubbles, showing off their freshness with an occasional contraction of a pincer, as they lolled numbly in a shallow ice-filled tray.’
    • ‘As they settled in, Mattie held up two fingers to the barmaid, who arrived seconds later with two glasses full of a frothy brew.’
    • ‘Now, I don't mean the actual delightfully frothy bubbles that dance around on the top of a glass of champagne.’
    • ‘She looked down into her nearly empty coffee mug, mixing the remainder of the coffee with the frothy layer that hadn't disappeared yet.’
    • ‘Astronomers have recently discovered that looking at dust along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy is a bit like looking into a frothy glass of beer.’
    • ‘Season and purée the lobster foam until frothy and keep warm.’
    • ‘If you have a room at the front of the hotel you open the shutters to the full glory of the frothy blue ocean bashing against the rocks below.’
    • ‘I decided to take long hot bath; five minutes later I was sliding under the frothy white bubbles.’
    • ‘Add four eggs and half a cup of water to the paste and beat well with an egg beater till very frothy and air bubbles appear.’
    • ‘It creates and lives in the frothy substance you describe, which is called ‘cuckoo-spit’.’
    • ‘Rose tilted her head back and let the blisteringly hot water soak her hair, rinsing away the mountains of frothy bubbles that coated her luxurious chocolate-coloured tresses.’
    foaming, foamy, bubbling, bubbly, fizzy, sparkling, effervescent, gassy, carbonated, aerated
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  • 2Light and entertaining but of little substance.

    ‘lots of frothy interviews’
    • ‘His 90 minutes of frothy entertainment does for the musical what the Reduced Shakespeare Company did for the Bard.’
    • ‘What we really get is a light, frothy, insubstantial comedy that feels more like Meet the Parents, and a really nice DVD package.’
    • ‘Lunar Park is a lush, mature novel that is also a frothy read full of gossip and blood.’
    • ‘Being Julia is a light and frothy period stage drama, which brings out the self-importance of luvvies, but in a likeable, endearing way.’
    • ‘Amid the glamour in the slammer, Marshall's cynical and superficial film lets the sly digs at American corruption bubble away underneath the frothy surface.’
    • ‘You could call it frothy, or you could call it frivolous.’
    • ‘Lunamarium is filled with light, frothy pop tunes, which is fine if you like that sort of thing.’
    • ‘The only paper that's doing exceptionally well is the Daily Star, and we have a light and frothy diet of celebrity and fun.’
    • ‘I found one, took it home and a few weeks later, in the mood for something frothy and light, actually read it.’
    • ‘The music can be frothy; it can be fizzy, bubbly, cheery and it most definitely is catchy.’
    • ‘Not to say they can't be light or frothy - but necessary to somebody, rather than built to aggrandize the makers or the stars.’
    • ‘In fact, far from taking anything seriously, the mood at even the press conference remained light and frothy throughout.’
    • ‘Consequently, you get an evening of light, frothy entertainment as you revel in the filthy deeds the schemers get up to and share their delight at the misfortune of others.’
    • ‘They created frothy paeans to the pleasures of surface, frivolity and irresponsibility.’
    • ‘Television could present entertainment, even frothy entertainment, which it certainly did.’
    • ‘I say, despite the bad reviews, it certainly fits the bill if you are looking for light frothy farce.’
    • ‘His pretty, sparkling, frothy snapshots of everyday life, children, nudes and landscapes guaranteed him the most reproduced artist status.’
    • ‘The film's light, frothy tone and the fact that it won the Genie in this category and an award at Cannes definitely works in its favour.’
    insubstantial, light, lightweight, lacking substance, superficial, shallow, slight, empty
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