Definition of frost line in English:

frost line


North American
  • The maximum depth of ground below which the soil does not freeze in winter.

    • ‘Ants and termites survive the cold by moving into and huddling together in the deep reaches of their underground colonies that extend below the frost line.’
    • ‘A closed-loop geothermal heat pump system relies on the constant temperature of the earth below the frost line.’
    • ‘The water, which will never freeze because the property lies below the frost line, will be recirculated through a radiant floor that will keep the house warm.’
    • ‘In the fall, they move down in the soil, usually below the frost line, to spend the winter.’
    • ‘Make sure the footing is excavated deep enough to go below the frost line.’
    • ‘You might have to lay a pipe below the frost line and install a new faucet by the garden, or haul a hose, which is hard work.’
    • ‘You could completely solve this problem by preparing a foundation for your pad that would extend down into the soil below the frost line, but this isn't practical for a pad of any size.’
    • ‘For example, in the southern United States, the frost line is measured in inches below the surface.’
    • ‘In cold climates, footings should extend 6 inches below the frost line or comply with local codes.’
    • ‘The best solution to this issue is to bury the water line below the frost line.’
    • ‘Install small-diameter pipes below the frost line to prevent freezing.’
    • ‘Some, such as the yellow mud turtle, burrow deeper into the soil shortly after hatching, finding safety below the frost line.’
    • ‘Water is carried through a discharge pipe below the frost line, eliminating the possibility of freezing.’
    • ‘In the rural areas, where the frost line gets down quite a ways, people have problems with freezing lines.’
    • ‘Excavate the footing, making sure it goes below the frost line and that the bottom of the trench is as level as possible.’
    • ‘Below the frost line (usually 24 to 60 inches below the surface), the soil maintains a fairly constant 50 degrees, plus or minus a little, depending on the location.’
    • ‘Wood ants, for instance, like to stay near the surface by day - the entrance mound works as a solar collector - and descend below the frost line at night, as far as ten feet down.’
    • ‘The components running from source to building must be laid below the local frost line.’
    • ‘In most situations, concrete footings that are below the frost line are recommended and will be required by code.’
    • ‘As the frost line moves downward, the moisture is left behind, trapped directly below the road surface.’