Definition of frost hollow in English:

frost hollow


  • A valley bottom or other hollow which is prone to frost.

    • ‘During the night we can have those frost hollows where there is some moisture such as in drainage lines or river valleys.’
    • ‘Historically grazing interests first came upon these grassed and well watered frost hollow valleys in the early 1840's in their desperate search for pastures during the great drought of that time.’
    • ‘It appears that the official temperature at Cooper Landing may be recorded in a frost hollow, while that at the Anchorage International Airport is certainly protected from frost by the nearby waters of Cook Inlet.’
    • ‘You should avoid frost hollows as the genus is subject to damage by late frosts, especially in spring.’
    • ‘It is very hardy and is often planted in frost hollows when other species fail.’
    • ‘Place the tunnel to avoid frost hollows!’
    • ‘However not all treeless areas are frost hollows - some have been cleared by miners and stockmen.’
    • ‘Sites will need to be free draining, and frost hollows should be avoided.’
    • ‘For instance, in the mid 19th century, Thoreau observed numerous frost hollows in Concord, Massachusetts, frequently relating their development to the cutting and burning of forest trees.’
    • ‘It is therefore necessary to locate frost hollows and either plant them with a frost-resistant species or with pine under the protection of a frost-resistant nurse species.’
    • ‘Rickmansworth, a very well know frost hollow, recorded the largest daily temperature range in England when, on 29th August 1936, the temperature climbed from 1.1° C at dawn to 24.9° C within 9 hours!’
    • ‘Several places inland, and at notorious frost hollows, have had airfrost this month.’
    • ‘Because it was known that widely distributed species had over time adapted to local environments, foresters were able to plant frost-hardy trees of more northerly origin in higher elevations or frost hollows, and faster growing trees of more southerly origin elsewhere.’
    • ‘Other well-known frost hollows in the UK are the Welsh Marches, the Glens of Scotland, the Pennine Valleys, the Vale of Evesham, Shrewsbury and Redhill.’
    • ‘Frost is common, especially in the Copley Mill frost hollow, which I am investigating currently, and can occur in any month.’