Definition of frost-covered in English:



  • Having a layer of frost on the surface.

    ‘the frost-covered ground’
    ‘frost-covered windows’
    • ‘The door would burst open and a blast of snow would blow in a frost-covered climber, crampons on his feet, an ice ax in each hand, beard crusted white.’
    • ‘Outside the frost-covered window, while the soundtrack croons "The Christmas Song," he sees the sister he didn't know he had.’
    • ‘In an unforgettable image, the Director and crew film the actress, battered by the wind, through frost-covered glass.’
    • ‘Conditions on the planet Mars are dynamic, with frequent changes in atmospheric conditions, changing seasons, frequent dust storms, and frost-covered polar caps.’
    • ‘Readers can marvel at cedar groves, frozen ponds, frost-covered flowers, wolves, the Lake Superior shoreline, and the aurora borealis.’
    • ‘The cards, which have no message inside, feature a photograph of the tower standing on a frost-covered mound.’
    • ‘A horse-drawn ladder truck lost control on the slick, frost-covered street.’
    • ‘This morning, to my delight, we woke up to a frost-covered world, all white and sparkly and delicately pretty.’
    • ‘I began to learn a lot of new things: how to chip ice out of buckets and troughs, how many pairs of socks need to be worn under rubber boots so you can walk through deep frost-covered mud without your feet turning blue.’
    • ‘Once I remembered the route, it was wonderful driving through the frost-covered countryside to work.’
    • ‘Mr Bennet recognized his second daughter under the layers of wool that were approaching him over the frost-covered lawn.’
    • ‘Two men were approaching, moving rapidly across the dark, frost-covered field.’
    greyish-white, grey, white, silver, silvery
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