Definition of frontage road in English:

frontage road


North American
  • A service road.

    • ‘The new design for 400,000 daily vehicles adds a sixth travel lane and creates a two-lane frontage road system 30 ft under the Big I to carry an extra 60,000 daily motorists each way.’
    • ‘The frontage roads allowed people to actually get somewhere, though, even though they had only one lane going in each direction.’
    • ‘The first identified point of contact was a concrete divider that separated Commonwealth and a frontage road.’
    • ‘They watched The Pirate's Camero disappear down the beach frontage road toward the highway.’
    • ‘The bar we went to was on a frontage road that looped north of the airport.’
    • ‘There are other frontage roads marked in southern New Mexico, and the signage varies slightly on some roads.’
    • ‘As we walk across the parking lot, we can see the two cops inside, a man and a woman, chewing their food and staring at us through the large glass window that faces the one-way frontage road.’
    • ‘I peel out of the parking lot and smoothly shift gears, wheeling around a corner and pushing eighty down a frontage road.’
    • ‘Reed's course was a 12.5-mile-long stretch of I - 10 frontage road.’
    • ‘To get to Agua Caliente Canyon, exit Interstate 19 at Canoa Road and follow the east frontage road south before turning eastward into the canyon on Elephant Head Road.’
    • ‘We are cruising down New Mexico's Old Las Vegas Highway, a frontage road that runs along I - 25.’
    • ‘Take 1-15 and exit at Leeds, 17 miles northeast of St. George; make a U-turn onto the frontage road.’
    • ‘The six-lane concrete road, toll plaza and 1.5 miles of frontage roads is slated for a Sept. 2007 opening.’
    • ‘I pulled off on to the frontage road and I called 911, and I pulled up on down to where the airplane was.’
    • ‘As they were driving along the frontage road at the airport, a commercial jet whooshed overhead.’
    • ‘The highway is about 110 feet away, but they said a frontage road would stop just 30 feet from the front steps.’
    • ‘Other added bus routes will run along the north and south frontage roads along Interstate 494, he said.’
    • ‘The City Council voted unanimously June 18 to buy the frontage road south of Highway 13 and east of Parkwood Drive.’
    • ‘The dealership sits on a squeaky-clean frontage road in an elongated auto park just south of the San Bernardino Freeway.’
    • ‘Farm machinery would need to be driven on side roads or frontage roads to access fields.’


frontage road