Definition of front page in English:

front page


  • The first page of a newspaper, containing the most important or remarkable news of the day.

    as modifier ‘the story is still front-page news’
    • ‘The New University, the student newspaper, published a front-page article, which featured, more or less verbatim, Mary's charges.’
    • ‘Just days after being installed, the state-owned Daily News carried a front-page story highlighting the president's directive to take ‘urgent actions to uplift estate workers’.’
    • ‘When he returned the local newspaper had a front-page story which made him cringe.’
    • ‘Across Australia, his passing provoked front-page headlines in newspapers and pages of coverage.’
    • ‘Some of the most famous front pages, from the early 20th century to the present day, are reproduced here.’


  • hold the front page

    • ironic Used to draw attention to an important or noteworthy fact or occurrence.

      ‘Pop star tries new look. Blimey, hold the front page’
      • ‘We weren't exactly holding the front page with that revelation.’
      • ‘It was certainly not the kind of news for which editors hold the front page.’
      • ‘The salient fact, nevertheless, about the Scottish game is not that it is dull, hold the front page, but that it is bereft of any creative thinking.’
      • ‘A newspaper finds a positive trend… … hold the front page.’
      • ‘And talking of oddball ideas… Toshiba launched a new notebook last week (hold the front page!’
      • ‘Hold the front page: our heroes remain mislaid.’
      • ‘I mean… it's hardly going to make anyone hold the front page, is it?’
      • ‘Oh my god, sex has something to do with social relations, hold the front page.’
      • ‘Hold the front page for that one, lad.’
      • ‘Hold the front page for that one!’


front page