Definition of front loader in English:

front loader


  • 1A washing machine with a door at the front through which washing may be loaded into the drum.

    ‘since the front loaders use less water, they use less energy’
    • ‘Most of the Energy Star machines are front loaders, but some top loaders also qualify.’
    • ‘The company has 30 per cent of the front-loader washing machine market, second only to Electrolux.’
    • ‘With a front loader, you'll save more on clothes drying, because they remove more water from your clothes during the spin cycle.’
    • ‘If you replaced your top-loading washing machine with a new front loader, you'd save $100 a year in energy, water, and detergent.’
    • ‘Twin-tub washing machines have no electronics, but I'd rather use a modern front loader.’
    • ‘A definite minus for the front loaders, however, is the actual loading because you have to bend over to put in the clothes.’
    • ‘Don't use the wrong detergent in front loaders - too much foam can cause electrical problems.’
    • ‘The most efficient front loaders use less than half the amount of water used in the average top loaders.’
    • ‘There're different soap powders for front loader and top loader washing machines.’
    • ‘He can even open the door to a front loader washing machine and put the dirty clothes in.’
  • 2North American

    ‘two logging trucks and a front loader were damaged’
    another term for front-end loader
    • ‘In 1997, she began acquiring dump trucks, front loaders, and other construction vehicles, as well as employees.’
    • ‘A front loader shoveled blackened debris into a dump truck.’
    • ‘These front loaders are picking up the snow and then it's going to get dumped in here.’
    • ‘The front loaders are coming through and pushing the snow off the streets so people can travel to and from work.’
    • ‘We just saw a front loader go by to actually clear the roadway.’