Definition of front-line state in English:

front-line state


  • A country that borders on an area troubled by a war or other crisis.

    ‘a front-line state in the conflict region’
    • ‘One was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 which led to Pakistan's emergence as a front-line state in US strategy, and hence the recipient of increased American military aid.’
    • ‘Elite US troops were on their way to the front-line state of Uzbekistan yesterday as US and British leaders sought to tighten the resolve of Afghanistan's nervous neighbours ahead of a possible offensive.’
    • ‘In June 1994 South Africa joined the Southern African Development Community, originally formed in 1980 by nine front-line states to reduce their economic dependence on South Africa, but it achieved very little success.’
    • ‘Basir said there is increasing concern in Russia, Iran and other front-line states that the US has a hidden agenda: to be the dominant power in Afghanistan, a strategic crossroads and a gateway to vast Central Asian oil fields.’
    • ‘The enemy is not protected and supplied by major powers such as the Soviet Union or China, not to mention a formidable front-line state such as North Vietnam.’
    • ‘Recent polls show even Australia losing confidence in the United States, not to mention front-line states in the ‘war on terrorism’ such as Pakistan and Jordan.’
    • ‘Turkey today is much more of a front-line state than Germany was, now that NATO is right up on Russia's frontier.’
    • ‘Pakistan has not just become a front-line state in the war on terror but is in mortal danger of becoming a battleground.’
    • ‘The commandos could operate using echelon bases in Pakistan, former Soviet front-line states, and territory controlled by the Afghan opposition forces, the Northern Alliance.’
    • ‘As a front-line state with Afghanistan, the US cannot abandon Pakistan.’
    • ‘All they have to do is prove their credentials as front-line states in the war against al-Qaeda and the US will come to their aid.’
    • ‘But he has yet to persuade the leaders of the key front-line states that his journeys offer more than cosmetic change.’
    • ‘The draft-evaders and deserters who had sought refuge in neighbouring Hungary, a Nato front-line state during last year's Kosovo war, are branded traitors and face a court martial and up to 20 years in jail if they return home.’
    • ‘My country was the front-line state even 20 years ago when we jointly struggled against the then - Soviet Union.’
    • ‘This is a turning point, and the kind of cooperation and support that we now can expect from front-line states, from allies, from erstwhile adversaries, I think, is far greater than anything we've seen before.’
    • ‘It will involve Baker in critical negotiations with the front-line states in the region as well as Iraq's debtors abroad.’
    • ‘We very much have to go in and make sure that the earmarked 250 million euro as support have to be channeled into those front-line states and really get there.’
    • ‘‘After using Pakistan as a front-line state in the war against terrorism, America has started encouraging Israel to sign new defense deals with India,’ he said.’
    • ‘Djibouti is a front-line state in the war on terrorism and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States and its coalition partners.’
    • ‘South Africa was in the late stages of apartheid, and its political intrigues spilled over into Botswana and other front-line states.’