Definition of from the word go in English:

from the word go


  • From the very beginning.

    • ‘The season ticket which I purchased will not be renewed next season, I feel cheated by the playing staff who have been given every encouragement from the word go.’
    • ‘It's been a difficult project from the word go and I've already spent two years on it.’
    • ‘It really is best to get the facts straight from the word go.’
    • ‘We have not been happy with the investigation from the word go.’
    • ‘There was drama from the word go as the downpour made the heavy ground at Aintree even more demanding.’
    • ‘The New Zealander was apparently in uncommunicative form from the word go, and quickly passed to the angry stage before clamming up completely.’
    • ‘Michael dictated the pace of the game from the word go.’
    • ‘Suddenly he found himself watching almost as many games from the subs' bench as he was playing in - an imbalance he is anxious to put right this time round, right from the word go.’
    • ‘The winners were in total control from the word go in a totally one-sided contest.’
    • ‘The boxing match was a fiasco right from the word go.’