Definition of from the horse's mouth in English:

from the horse's mouth


  • (of information) from the person directly concerned or another authoritative source.

    • ‘An unsurprising reaction, of course, but I figured that since I had something straight from the horse's mouth, I'd pass it along.’
    • ‘In case you've been wondering what Pamela Anderson's been up to lately, here's the news straight from the horse's mouth.’
    • ‘Those were the days when any scribe could get any information he needed from the horse's mouth.’
    • ‘Here again, no information from the horse's mouth, only from ‘widespread reports across the Indian media‘.’
    • ‘Time was, if you wanted accurate information it was best to get it from the horse's mouth.’
    • ‘Web coverage extends this further and offers the opportunity of getting information ‘straight from the horse's mouth.’’
    • ‘Pop scientists Sagan and Asimov wrote about a great many things they lacked professional expertise in, yet the facts always seemed to come straight from the horse's mouth.’
    • ‘This is a positive thing; it's good for students at all levels to get information straight from the horse's mouth, not only for accuracy but also for enthusiasm and authenticity.’
    • ‘This is not mere speculation; we have it from the horse's mouth.’
    • ‘I thought we needed to hear it straight from the horse's mouth - we are already getting analysis and summaries.’
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, good, sound, authentic, valid, well founded, attested, certified, verifiable
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