Definition of from the floor in English:

from the floor


  • (of a speech or question) delivered by an individual member at a meeting, not by a representative on the platform.

    ‘questions from the floor will be invited’
    • ‘Afterwards he will take questions from the floor and post-show he will sign copies of his novels.’
    • ‘Much interest was shown in the subject by members and many questions were asked from the floor.’
    • ‘Sparked by a question from the floor, the panel returned to this with some passion.’
    • ‘The accounts were opened to questions from the floor and there were no points arising.’
    • ‘It was only when the moderator took questions from the floor that the discussion became more pointed.’
    • ‘He also answered questions from the floor, and one of his answers intrigued me.’
    • ‘There were only three questions from the floor and all were of a technical nature.’
    • ‘There had been some hostile questions from the floor, but in the end there was loud applause at the outcome.’
    • ‘The only sign of passion he showed on Wednesday was when he answered a question from the floor about fishing quotas.’
    • ‘A selection of your questions will be asked from the floor of the event in Derry.’