Definition of from the bottom up in English:

from the bottom up


  • Starting at the lower end or beginning of a hierarchy or process and proceeding to the top or end.

    ‘we began to study history from the bottom up’
    • ‘Second, adaptation processes that are built from the bottom up and are based on social capital can alter the perceptions of climate change from a global to a local problem.’
    • ‘‘Some of the ideas put forward by the original consultants were ridiculous, and they tried to do it from the top down rather than from the bottom up and take into account the views of people on the ground,’ he said.’
    • ‘Repeat this process, working from the bottom up, until all the damaged boards are removed.’
    • ‘The historical process has unfolded from the bottom up.’
    • ‘But, in a process described as working from the bottom up, three codes were drawn up by the relevant industries.’
    • ‘Partnership encourages good communication from the bottom up so all are involved in the process.’
    • ‘Many of the volumes draw inspiration from the so-called subaltern approach, which generally focuses on history from the bottom up.’
    • ‘Change needs to come from the bottom up and it's only real people that make a difference.’
    • ‘You can tell he's a beginner because he canvasses council flats from the bottom up.’
    • ‘They are wrong in assuming either approach could offer a stable alternative to the long process of building democracy from the bottom up.’