Definition of from farm to fork (or table) in English:

from farm to fork (or table)


  • Used to refer to the various processes in the food chain from agricultural production to consumption.

    ‘a catering industry initiative that allows certified traceability of fresh meat and eggs from farm to fork’
    as modifier ‘each of these countries has farm-to-fork legislation’
    • ‘These include the food production and processing operations that occur from farm to table.’
    • ‘Commissioner Byrne refers to the feed hygiene package as "the missing link" in the farm-to-fork approach to food safety.’
    • ‘Everyone in the farm-to-fork food safety system has a responsibility to reduce risk.’
    • ‘According to the company, it controls the temperature of food products "from farm to fork".’
    • ‘But from farm to table, the industry could well lose a quarter of a billion dollars.’
    • ‘The North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability, a regional project based at NU's Center for Applied Rural Innovation, is a four-state, multi-institutional, farm-to-fork initiative.’
    • ‘Unless far-reaching measures are taken to address consumer concerns 'from farm to fork', the crisis will only deepen.’
    • ‘To meet these requirements companies need to be able to trace their products through every stage from farm to fork.’
    • ‘Miss Mills said she was glad the report had brought to the public's attention 'the systematic failures from farm to fork'.’
    • ‘It helps to ensure that food is safe, from farm to fork.’