Definition of from bad to worse in English:

from bad to worse


  • Into an even worse state.

    ‘the country's going from bad to worse’
    • ‘This has only turned things from bad to worse because the buses have to now ply on a narrow road before reaching the road connecting Town Hall.’
    • ‘She was talking about when things went from bad to worse, and how to document that moment.’
    • ‘Back in the party things were going from bad to worse.’
    • ‘Sensing the situation moving from bad to worse, the reporter sought help from a Boston police officer on duty nearby.’
    • ‘This is one of those days, however, that just keeps going from bad to worse, as Brandon and his passengers are soon to discover.’
    • ‘The endowment mortgage crisis just goes from bad to worse.’
    • ‘But with the eradication of that status, the financial position of the State had gone from bad to worse.’
    • ‘He was switched to left back - his natural position - at the beginning of the current season and things have gone from bad to worse.’
    • ‘Therefore it will reduce the already insufficient number of road lanes, and hence the situation will go from bad to worse.’
    • ‘The week has gone from bad to worse for the Wexford County Board.’